The Living Room

Worship – revival – awakening – first love – new life

Revival. Many are praying for it, many are passionate to see  it, but many of us don’t know that “revival” happens in the heart of the individual.  Raised2walk Ministries has a vision to see revival happen in the hearts of man in a small, safe, but powerfully anointed setting. We believe that He is going to activate His revival in the heart of man right in the living room, as He turns it into a house of prayer.  The vision for The Living Room is simple. He told us to gather people in our home, create a safe place to worship Jesus together, and He would do the rest. What has happened so far has been beautiful confirmation! We are discovering His presence, His umatching Love, we are being set free, we are remembering our first love! Revival is happening!! The dead are coming alive in The Living Room!

Join us as we gather to remember our testimonies of His goodness, and to give our thanksgiving and praise to Jesus! This is the entrance to an open Heaven where God heals us and sets us free.  God washes us clean, He gives a fresh start, and He fills us with His Spirit all over again! He REVIVES our first love with Him, and a whole new world with Jesus now awaits us!  It takes a minute in His presence to know His Love, His freedom, and His hope.  Revival in one heart, prophecies revival in another. We believe that the Living Room is one of the key places where the next wave of revival in America will begin. We have vision for training thousands of people to usher in revival in The Living Room of their own homes. We start with ours. We welcome as many people as can fit inside our living room! These nights are also live streamed via Facebook Live so people around the world can join in from your living rooms to ours!

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