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Raised2Walk History

Raised2walk was founded in 2003 by Pastors Kenny and Rebekah Peavy, with three main principles in mind; to love the lost to Jesus, to revive the church, and to disciple them all. Raised2walk has served along side ministries such as Youth With A Mission, Campus Crusade For Christ, Iris MinistriesHomes of Hope, International House of Prayer, Pasadena International House of Prayer, SoCal School of Supernatural Ministry, HRock Church, Atlanta Dream Center, and hundreds of churches and missions organizations around the world through the last 16 years. Raised2walk operates as an apostolic worship, prayer, missions and discipleship movement, raising up sons and daughters to be servant leaders, revivalists, reformers, and disciple makers in every sphere of culture.

Our Mission

Advancing the Kingdom of God to the ends of the earth, in every generation, and in every sphere of culture


Our Vision

To love the lost to Jesus, restore the broken, and disciple them all.



Raised2walk values discipleship as one of the most important ingredients for maturing followers of Christ, and advancing the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Students will learn how to grow in intimacy with God, carry and steward His presence, study and understand the Word of God, and apply the Word in their daily relationships with Jesus and with other. Students will learn how to first be disciples, and then disciple makers of others.


Worshiping God in His presence is the most incredible gift from God for us to be able to express from the depths of our hearts His goodness, His sovereignty, and His wonderful LOVE! Raised2walk is anchored in thanksgiving, praise, and worship. We respond in thanskgiving for what God has done, we praise in response for who God is, and worship in response of His presence. Our worship magnifies His Kingdom, His presence, His Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is there is true freedom. Worship in Spirit and Truth repels darkness, and draws us into the Light.

Intimacy with God

Nothing is more important than our relationship with God. It is the ever-deepening well within our lives. In this well we GROW. We mature in our sonship, our identity, our place in history, our purpose in this life, and our wonderful opportunity to know that He is with us. At Raised2walk, we discover daily His love, and His love forever changes us! The well withing us deepens, its water becoming more and more pure, and a beautiful abiding with Christ begins to form a culture of intimacy within. 

Advancing The Kingdom

Out of our intimacy with God, rivers of living water overflows from our well; worship, prayer, His presence, the gifts and fruits of His Spirit, and the naturally supernatural fragrance of His Love within us begins to beckon all around us to “…be reconciled to God.” (2 Cor. 5:15-21)! We will GO to the nations, and we will love others to Jesus, and we will disciple them to know Him, to GROW in Him , and to GO with Him to share of His great Love with others.

Rebecca Greenwood Of Christian Harvest International Endorses Raised2Walk Ministries

Kenny Peavy

Kenny Peavy


Kenny was born and raised in Conyers, Georgia. He gave his life to Jesus just before his 18th birthday and Kenny has never looked back. He knew early on his walk that God had given him a heart for missions to the nations. He applied for and was accepted into Youth With A Mission’s Discipleship Training School in the fall of 1991. It was there that Kenny discovered the reason and joy of worshiping Jesus. Kenny started leading worship in his DTS with YWAM Los Angeles, and has been leading worship around the world ever since. Kenny spent 12 years in Youth With A Mission, with several years in the business, arts and entertainment, and government spheres. In 2003, Kenny and his wife, Rebekah started their own ministry called Raised2walk. With Raised2walk, Kenny and Rebekah have traveled throughout America and the world, ministering to thousands by leading worship, teaching, leading outreaches, discipling, imparting, and training in churches, seminars, conferences, outreach teams, church plants, college campuses, and more. In addition to ministering through Raised2walk and YWAM, in 2006, Kenny was asked to be the worship leader at HRock Church, in Pasadena, California. For the next 10 years, Kenny would serve as worship director, music director, and then worship pastor for HRock Church. During that time, Kenny and Rebekah were able to grow a culture of close and authentic community in the worship department at HRock Church through personal and group discipleship. In 2016, God led Kenny and Rebekah to step down from HRock Church to begin a new chapter of ministry in their lives with Raised2walk. Kenny and Rebekah moved to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue launching various discipleship and training schools, targeted seminars and conferences, short-term outreaches, church plants, and more. Kenny and Rebekah have 4 amazing children, and live in Marietta, Georgia.

Rebekah Peavy


Rebekah was born in Hemet, California. She grew up with amazing Christian parents, who taught her from an early age about Jesus. She gave her life to the Lord at the age of 4 and then was baptized in water by the age of 8. At the age of 16, Rebekah began to desire a deeper huger for God, and was baptized in the Holy Spirit. Throughout her life, she has desired to serve God and to follow Him to the ends of the earth. In college, she studied Cross-Cultural Ministries, with a hope to one day serve the Lord on the mission field. As her life unfolded, she would marry her college sweetheart, Kenny. During college, she can remember the Lord clearly speaking to her and telling her that “…missions does not start oversees, but it begins in your own backyard”. This statement would shift her view and focus of missions for the years to come. Rebekah took her sophomore year of college off and joined Youth With a Mission, traveling from Los Angeles to the Amazon in remote Brazil to share the Gospel with indigenous tribes. This experience fueled her passion for the nations, and her desire to see the heart of God take the lead in her destiny. Rebekah and Kenny have traveled the world with their entire family, bringing the life saving message of Jesus Christ. They have four incredible children, Caleb, Elijah, Mikaela and Selah. Each one of their children has his/her own unique and wonderful expressions of life in the kingdom of God. More than anything, Rebekah’s heart is to see all of God’s children released and moving in their calling and their destinies.

I consider Kenny Peavy a dear friend and mentor. Through discipleship programs with him, the Lord has given me an ever-deepening passion for His presence, and a desire to live in the fullness of the Kingdom. Set aside the time to attend this school – It will change your life!

Steve Law

Owner & Founder, Mission Bell Communications

Raised2walk is a power and effective ministry advancing the Gospel throughout the world.  What makes Raises2walk so incredible are the hearts of the founders, Kenny and Rebekah Peavy.  Their hearts for the King and their dedication to carrying out His desires for the world to know Him is like that of the Apostle Paul.  Through their lives, people experience the heart of the Father!  They are the type of people after God who make those who do not know God literally excited to know Him, and those who are already believers to desire Him more!  When one encounters Kenny and Rebeca they encounter a part of Heaven on earth!  Heaven Invaded!

Dan Palmer

Executive Director, Atlanta Dream Center

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